Terex PPM

Terex PPM

We have a complete range of full and empty container handling Reach Stackers plus a dedicated multiattachment version.

Designed using the latest technologies to satisfy the most demanding applications, together with advanced design solutions to perform high capacity, operational speeds always granting full safety and operator’s comfort.











In harbor terminals, rail terminals, container depots and other logistical systems: Terex® reach stackers stand for excellent performance and reliability, combined with innovative design, in the handling of empty or full containers – even in demanding intermodal handling systems.

With adjustable and durable Terex spreader systems, 20’ to 40’ containers can be stacked to a height of 6 standard containers. Terex reach stackers can be equipped with a wide variety of load lifting attachments and can also be used for the flexible handling of general cargo.

Terex reach stackers can fulfill the requirements of even the most difficult handling tasks, including high load capacities of up to 45 t under spreaders and high working speeds while being easy to operate and safe.


You can download the complete product range brochure here

Product1st/2nd/3rd container row capacity, t (US t)9'6"container stacking heightApplication
CS 7.5S610/8/5 (11/9/6)6 (8'6")Empty Container
CS 45km45/31/15 (50/34/17)5Full Container
CS 45 kL45/32/16 (50/35/18)5Full Container
CS 45kS45/35/18 (50/39/20)5Full Container
RS 5545/40/21 (50/44/23)5Intermodal
RS 6045/45/29 (50/50/32)5Full Container
TFC 4545/27/13 (50/30/14)5Full Container / Intermodal
TFC 45 R45/31.5/16 (50/35/18)5Full Container / Intermodal
TFC 45 L45/36/20 (50/40/22)5Full Container / Intermodal
TFC 46 M45/33/18 (50/36/20)6Full Container / Intermodal
TFC 46 MX45/37/20 (50/36/22)6Full Container / Intermodal
TFC 46 MSX45/41/29 (50/45/32)6Full Container
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